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08 Mar 2019

My work placement at Circle IT – Daniel Krog Debel

Meet Daniel

Circle IT have had the pleasure of hosting Daniel, a student of EUC-Syd Sonderborg, Denmark, on a work 

Here’s what Daniel had to say about the experience:placement with our on-site team at our customer site – Cardiff and Vale College. Daniel joined us through a scheme with Colegau Cymru/Colleges Wales, where he spent 2 months in Cardiff, away from his home in Denmark, working alongside our team learning new skills and gaining valuable work experience.

On my first day, I had no idea what to expect or what it was going to be like but Barry Llewellyn who I met in the reception of Cardiff and Vale College was quick to introduce me to the team and show me around the place. By the second day I was already part of the daily routine and Louis Gardner, who walked me through how things worked, was a great help.

Jay Williams was always ready to help, even if it was the tenth time I’d ask him something, he was also really fun to work with. Neil Davies also always took his time to help out if I was stuck on a problem. They are both great guys!

Thanks to Circle IT, I was not only able to get some new work experience but also see another country and culture which I have greatly enjoyed. On the job, I have learned that IT is in many ways the same wherever you go in the world, but there are many different ways to handle it.

Over the past two months I would say that I have enjoyed the work itself and the people I’ve worked with and I can genuinely say that I will miss it. If you have the chance to work with these guys, I think most would learn a lot and have a good time at that.

I would like to thank Circle IT for the opportunity to work with them and the experience in general. Thank you to the entire team for a great time, keep up the good work, even when I’m gone ;) 


Let’s find out more about Daniel:

What is the best thing about Circle IT?

One of the things I liked about Circle IT was that people were quick to make me a part of the team, they were friendly and were willing to show me the ropes and weren’t afraid to allow me to work on my own either.

What course are you studying?

I am currently studying to become a data-technician with a specialty in networking, at EUC-Syd Sonderborg, Denmark.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well I’m studying IT so the obvious answer would be tinkering with my PC and playing computer games. But I also spend a lot of time listening to music and reading books, if I’m not hanging out with my friends. And while I’ve been here, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring Cardiff and Wales in general. 

Where is the one place you would like to visit in the world?

If I had to choose one place, it would be Rome as I love ancient history. I’m glad I can cross Wales off the list of places I’d like to go. (But I can’t promise I won’t be back some day)

We were thrilled to have Daniel join us on the placement and getting to know him over the last two months. Good luck in the future, Daniel! 


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