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01 Jun 2018

Mobile Device Management for Education Providers

With the global rise of digital technology, education facilities are universally relying more and more on smart devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, as part of the teaching process. But when laptops, tablets and smartphones become integrated into the infrastructure of a lesson, there inevitably arise issues such as forgotten passwords, lost applications, WiFi connectivity issues and, of course, student attention.

Whether you are having to deal with technical difficulties, or the disruption is caused by tech-savvy students communicating via their smart devices, one of the most efficient education IT solutions for this type of issue is Mobile Device Management. 

What is Mobile Device Management?

Put simply, mobile device management (MDM) is a method of IT support for education which enables teachers and IT staff to manage all smart devices used in teaching, making the process easier and more hassle-free.

A handy education IT solution, MDM is broadly defined as software which allows administrators to supervise, manage and control the way their students use mobile devices in the classroom and during school hours. This means teachers can do away with non-learning essential apps like Facebook and Snapchat altogether, accordingly removing any temptation for the students.

Why is MDM an essential education IT solution?

Having mobile device management is incredibly beneficial for schools as it allows teaching staff to use mobile devices for their intended purpose, while also saving on time. With MDM, downtime due to technical issues is minimised, and devices always have the appropriate digital content and applications.

There are a number of ways MDM aids the education process, such as:

  • Allowing teachers to enrol additional devices, including BYOD
  • Blacklist certain content and applications to ensure the online safety of students
  • Remotely update, secure and find mobile devices issued to students

Having an efficient MDM is the perfect education IT solution which allows educational facilities to easily manage all their student mobile devices while also ensuring they remain safe in the digital space.

Mobile Device Management Tips

MDM as a method of IT support for education is incredibly useful and can be quite effortless if employed in the right ways.

It’s generally considered good practice to have an official Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for mobile devices onsite, which you can communicate with students to ensure they are aware of what is permitted. In order for your AUP to be thoroughly comprehensive, you need to ensure it covers topics such as unsafe or inappropriate internet content, piracy and copyright, social media uses and the basics of network security (e.g. data protection and anti-malware software).

Equally as important is ensuring your staff are able to use mobile devices, especially if they are to enforce the AUP for mobile devices throughout the institution. The best way to make sure teachers understand how their students’ devices work is by providing comprehensive training which covers how to best manage mobile devices in a learning environment, as well as the most common applications used by students and how to navigate them.

Why IT support for education is essential

It’s hugely beneficial for educational establishments to work with a trusted IT company, such as Circle IT, who can provide IT infrastructure, networking, managed services and strategic consultancy to their organisation.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in education, we have in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements of the sector. This allows us to tailor our approach based on the individual objectives of the educational establishment we are working with and design IT solutions which meet an organisation’s long term goals.

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll help your school, college or university grow and learn through the use of advanced tech. Seeing young people benefiting from the work that we do is a great motivator for us to push the boundaries of technology!

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