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31 May 2018

How to write a school E-safety policy

In addition to having a key role in the everyday lives of children, teens and adults, computing and the use of digital devices is perceived as an indispensable resource in supporting both teaching and learning.

That’s why schools have the responsibility to integrate the use of IT into the skillset of young people to prepare them adequately for learning and employment throughout their lives.

While digital technologies are incredibly beneficial and exciting, it’s also essential to make sure pupils are educated on the e-safety issues related to their use.  Educational institutions can play a crucial role in promoting internet safety by involving everyone, from staff and parents to the pupils themselves, in a school-wide effort to keep children and young adults safe online.

What are the best IT solutions for schools to ensure e-safety?

Expert IT solutions can improve your organisation’s online safety with:

  • Resources to educate students about staying safe online
  • Advice and additional materials designed to help parents ensure their children’s e-safety
  • Provision of confidentiality training to help teachers identify and respond to internet safety concerns
  • Introducing robust e-safety policies which are supported by a solid IT infrastructure and regular IT security reviews

With digital technology constantly changing, it’s important that school staff stay up-to-date with the most recent developments in IT infrastructure. Having dedicated IT education services at your disposal guarantees your teachers and support staff will have access to IT advice and resources whenever they have any e-safety concerns. 

An e-safety curriculum which is both engaging and up-to-date can go a long way to help pupils of all ages to recognise the risks of the digital world and stay safe online. Furthermore, to achieve a comprehensive school-wide approach to e-safety, you should include educate parents in keeping their children safe online by organising IT security training sessions and providing them with useful resources.

One of the key IT solutions for schools is having e-safety policies and procedures which help protect against and react to online security threats. Your education IT services provider will be able to supply a range of example documents and guides you can use to develop your school’s e-safety policies.

What IT services are available for schools?

Experienced providers of IT services to schools, we have  first-hand experience of the ways in which technology can make a difference to the school learning environment and e-safety. We offer IT infrastructure, networking, managed services and strategic consultancy to schools.

We are always happy to pass on our expertise and provide IT solutions for schools. We can help your institution with:

  • IT security services
  • IT infrastructure solutions
  • 24/7 managed IT support
  • Storage solutions
  • Virtualisation, and much more

Our approach to education IT services is very open-minded, because we understand that each institution has individual needs. That’s why we provide bespoke IT solutions for schools based on the different objectives of each establishments.

Get in touch with the Circle IT team today and let us create a tailored IT solution for your school!  

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