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High Availability IT Systems & Architecture

High availability of applications is crucial for businesses, so how do you protect yourself against downtime?

Circle IT has a broad range of experience in helping businesses to reach that ‘always-on’ nirvana. Our high availability solutions monitor your IT services and in the event of them becoming unavailable switch them over to failover servers to reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime.

We deploy high availability solutions that maximise up-time and help to deliver complete system reliability, including real-time data replication.

High availabilityCreate a 24/7 environment

Increasingly businesses want access to their services 24-7. Our high availability solutions ensure continuity of your IT operations and provide reassurance that your critical applications won’t fail.

Minimise system downtime

In the event of your services becoming unavailable our high availability solutions will switch your services over to a failover server meaning the risk of downtime is minimal or non-existent giving you confidence that your services will always be on.

The right solution for you

We work with a range of providers to offer you the right solution for your business. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and will evaluate and recommend a solution based on your individual needs. 

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