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16 Aug 2017

A Day in the Life of... An Internal Account Manager

Steve Griffin

Steve Griffin - an Internal Account Manager at Circle IT tells us about a typical day in his role within the team. Steve generates leads and opportunities for the Sales Team at Circle IT. 

Steve tells us about a typical day for him, at Circle IT HQ:

Circle IT | Internal Account Manager7:00am Alarm goes off, I’m no good at mornings, as my work colleagues will know. I’m generally a Neanderthal on Autopilot! After one very quick shower I’m sprinting out the house and ready to leave the red Welsh Valley of Gilfach Goch 7:30am sharp. No time for brekkie… well maybe a quick breakfast bar en route :)

8:00am Arrive at work and delve straight into my emails (Mostly from Roger (CEO) asking a million questions on current sales opportunities) I’m also keen to see which customers have replied to my various sales messages on LinkedIn from the previous day and who wants to talk to us.

8:30am Gav has arrived and within minutes is demanding the radio on and belting out Take That, this is a normal day. I’ve finally woken up!

9:00am After getting through the emails, I get organised for the day. I open up the CRM system and look at my lists for who I need to contact for the day and prioritise with the main aim to gain some meetings/discussions for the Sales Team.

10:30am After ringing through a few clients, I stumble upon an opportunity for a University in the midlands. It’s a Networking refresh and they currently use Cisco. It’s ripe, and happening in next 6 months and they want to discuss our services and Dell EMC in particular, I’m excited, it’s the best part about the role! I set up a meeting for our CEO, Roger, to go and speak with them.

11:00am I update Autotask our CRM system and create a new opportunity for Networking at the university, this will be tracked by all Sales Team Managers and used to forecast future sales and company turnover. I also contact Dell EMC and place a deal registration under Circle IT so that no other partners can claim this project and to ensure we gain a larger discount to ensure the best deal for the customer.

11:15am I then contact the Dell EMC Account Executive to inform her of our discussions so she has visibility and is firmly in the loop. This way Dell EMC are happy to collaborate, she’ll also trust us and tell us about nearby clients we can approach and most importantly gives us every chance of competing for the business should the meeting go well.

12:30pm I’m usually starving by now and enquire about who’s doing what for lunch. Sometimes I bring my own, other times I mix it up and go out. Momentum is building for Fat Friday Club. I’m tempted but on this occasion decide to be good and join Jeremy, one of our External Account Executives, at the gym. I’ve got a 5k charity race to get my times down for, I’m nowhere as fit as I used to be!

1:15pm Quick 5k run done (22:48) another 30 odd seconds shaved off the years PB, not bad! I’m showered, changed, grab a quick sarnie and back in the office.

1:30pm After a quick scan of the Footie and Boxing news I get ready to crack on. The chip shop hit squad and a box full of cakes!

2:00pm I receive an incoming call from Dell EMC Acquisition Account Executive. He wants to discuss 2 of the colleges that I’ve booked Jeremy in to see in Essex.

2:30pm Jack, my Internal Sales Manager, decides to brew ones of his extra strong Tiramisu coffee pots to go with the Friday donuts - this goes down well! Gav is still singing strong and I’m now ready to crack on with the rest of the ‘to do list’.

3:30pm I have a joint conference call setup with Jeremy to discuss a School’s requirements. This is a past opportunity from a former sales person’s activities. Virtualisation and Switch refreshes are involved. The call goes well. I need to create an opportunity. Ensure our Dell EMC deal registration is still active and ensure we have activities in place to price up the new switches.

4:00pm Time for the weekly sit down with Jack. We to go through the sales pipeline, other opportunities, sales campaign ideas and other stuff he can help me with.

4:30pm Finish time. My 2 children get dropped straight to me at work so that my wife can start her shift nearby. No rest for the wicked!

5:15pm Get home, feed the nippers, and settle down for the night…

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